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Dynasafe, a global market leader in the disposal of unexploded ordnance and other hazardous materials. Ordnance disposal is a segment of the CBRNe industry, CBRNe encompasses protection from and containment of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards and explosive devices.


Dynasafe has over twenty years of experience operating in regions affected by landmines, UXO or terrorist activity. We have the expertise to deliver disposal and protection systems as one integrated solution. Our products and activity make the world a safer place.

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Latest News

Dynasafe Supports International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
Released in: 2016:03:31
Dynasafe provides explosive detection dog teams across all airports in Afghanistan
Released in: 2015:10:12
Delegation from Egyptian Ministry of Interior attends successful Dynasafe Acceptance Test
Released in: 2015:09:29

Dynasafe Area clearance

Prot Systems

Area Clearance

The provider of choice for UXO risk mitigation and mine clearance, with its origin in the recognised market leaders Dynasafe BACTEC Limited, Dynasafe Kampfmittelräumung GmbH and Dynasafe MineTech Limited.


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Dynasafe Protection Systems

Prot Systems


Best-in-class bomb chambers, for total containment of various effects caused by explosions, flexible in size, protection level and implementation.


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Dynasafe Demil Systems


Safe and environmental friendly solutions for disposal of conventional and chemical munitions, from small arms to large calibres, tailored to suit each situation.


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